Management of UTIs in non-pregnant women

adapted from SIGN GUIDELINE 88 - july 2006


Symptoms and signs of UTI

  1. dysuria

  2. urgency

  3. frequency

  4. haematuria

  5. fever

  6. loin pain

 If  vaginal discharge/ itch present consider alternative diagnosis
Upper Urinary Tract Infection
 Probable LUTI

Commence empirical AB
 Fever or loin pain ?
Rigors, nausea or vomiting
 Nitrite positive
 Nitrite and LE negative

Obtain urine sample and use dipstick

 No more than two symptoms or mild symptoms
 Nitrite negative and LE positive
 LUTI unlikely

Give advice on symptom management
 Possible LUTI Send urine sample for culture

Commence empirical AB
 Multiple typical signs and symptoms of UTI
 Probable LUTI

Commence empirical ABAntibiotic_therapy.html
In healthy non-pregnant women UTI can be diagnosed without dipstick or culture



Treatment failure ( 3 days AB)

Send Urine sample for culture